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EXS24 Stutter Issues - HELP NEEDED


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Hey all


Updating this post to try and get some help with this issue.


I know I'm on an old version but I'd really appreciate some help with creating new sampler instrument in EXS24. I'm using Logic Pro X 10.4.8 on High Sierra 10.13.6 with an RME Fireface 400 on a Mac Late 2009.


I have an audio file that plays back smoothly, I've edited the transients and then sliced at transient markers. I've then converted to a new EXS24 sampler track from regions.


The resulting audio playback is stuttery, as if there's a tiny gap between each piece of audio. The audio itself is fine, clicking on each individual MIDI note gives exactly what I wanted, but when played back as a whole it sounds stuttery. I would have liked to attach audio but the forum doesn't seem to let me.


Am I missing something or is it supposed to sound like this?


I've tried playing with the envelopes in EXS24 and I've tried different BPMs to see if that helps. I've tried turning on and off different features in the track header and channel strip but the best I can get is the gapping in the audio.


Help would be much appreciated





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Have you changed the tempo? If you have sliced a audio file into bits, loaded that into the sampler, and then slowed the tempo down, each of those slices play at the original tempo the audio was rendered at so there will be gaps at the end of each slice as it plays...
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