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Logic freezes when I press 'R' Record button.


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Logic Pro 10.6.2

MacBook Pro

2.4 GHz Quad Core Intel Core i5

8GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3

macOS Catalina 10.15.7


This problem has been happening more frequently. When I record audio through my cardioid condenser mic (Rode NT1), there seems to be a glitch where the record button stays on, when I move on to the next track to record audio OR MIDI. In this case I was trying to stop the record button from the Violin track that has the frozen audio, and turn on the piano software instrument record button to record MIDI. This freeze can happen in two ways: 1. When I try to click the R to get out of Record on the previous audio track and try to press record on the new track, the rainbow spiral cursor begins to show up (this freeze happens when I am specifically moving away from an audio recording) 2. Sometimes even when I press the filled red R of the previous audio track (it is blinking like it wants to record) and I am currently selecting another track, Logic freezes. I am forced to quit the program, and no diagnostics are shared with Apple unfortunately. For some reason the spiral cursor or the Red blinking R of the Violin audio track did not show in the gif, but as you can see, there is the Violin track where audio appears to be frozen. Maybe this has something to do with Phantom Power, because I tested this out with a regular instrument mic that doesn't require 48v, a Pyle PDMIC78, and Logic was quicker than usual, and didn't freeze. I currently have my cardioid condenser mic setup to a Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 audio interface.


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What about the meters in the LCD, do they show some overload signs by peaking up?

Since you are recording audio, are you recording same on a disk with sufficient free space? If the target drive is below 10% of its capacity, even if it has many free MB, that will cause issue.

Another thing to consider might be your system's specs (i5 & 8GB of RAM), which could be at stake depending of the project's size...

Besides going through the usual troubleshooting rundown and testing for eventual overload issues, resetting the NV/PRAM and the SMC could be useful as well,.

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