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Multitrack Recording Issues


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Hi, I have a professional arranger from Korg and a Montage from Yamaha.

I try to record on the same time on two tracks, one for Korg and one for Montage, so I turn on R for both tracks.

I noticed that when I play Montage, this goes to the Korg as well, which is something I want to avoid.

On other DAWs (Ableton Live) I can choose a specific port and channel for each track, but on LPX every input is combined to the armed track(s).

I have come across several posts about environment and channel filtering with transformer and physical inputs, but I haven't managed to find a solution.

So, in case i am not understood, I want the #1 track to get input only from Korg and the #2 track only from Montage, even if both channels are armed for recording.

Does anyone have a simple and proven solution to my problem? I would really appreciate that.

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