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I/O plugin doesn't load default setting as saved


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I have saved a default setting for the I/O plugin. When I add another instance of that, I see that it says User Default as the current active setting, but the Output and Input settings are not what I saved, they are just '--' and I have to use the Recall Default option in order to get the Output and Input settings set to what I saved previously.


Is this a bug or am I just not understanding how the defaults system works?


Alternately, maybe it would be better to setup the external HW as a permanent aux? Still kind of new to Logic so not sure what the best option is. The external HW is just the one so it's not like I need any options there, just a quick way to send a track to my eclipse.


Logic Pro 10.6.2

macOS 11.4

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Answered my own question: I think setting it up as an aux is the way to go. I've done that and it works like a charm with the added advantage that it shows in Logic Remote so I can adjust the send level there.
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