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Is there anyone who has made the switch from Ableton Live to Logic Pro X? What was your justification?


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So, I'm going to buy whatever the new MBP is this week. With that in mind, switching to LPX makes sense because it will allow me to use the new chips.


I've been using FL for approximately 16 years and Ableton for about 2, but I'm thinking about switching to LPX.


I enjoy the flexibility of Ableton, but the added capabilities in LPX, such as the new samplers and sequencer, make it feel like a hybrid of Cubase/Studio One and FL. However, for me, utilising the new chips is the most important factor.


It only makes sense to me because all of the artists I work with utilise LPX.


I'm also looking forward to using only Apple devices again; something about that feels quite solid to me.

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I switched from Live 9 Studio to Logic.


My reasons:


1. I was selling all my hardware synths and the Ableton factory sound content could not replace what my hardware provided. I would have needed to buy third party sound libraries like Komplete. Logic's sound content is good enough, especially the organs, pianos and orchestral instruments.


2. Updates to Live Studio were almost $300. Logic Pro X updates have been free for me so far, once Logic 11 comes along I expect to have to pay $199 again.


3. Logic has superior MIDI functionality, including an event list which Live doesn't have and built-in notation.


4. Logic's mixing interface is far superior to Live's Arrangement View.


5. I owned and used Camel Audio Alchemy in Live. Camel Audio was bought by Apple and support ended. Logic now includes Alchemy and all my sound libraries could be imported.


6. I wanted a self contained solution (no third party plugins) to limit issues with new OS releases or new Mac models. Being an Apple product, I can expect Logic to continue to "just work" in the future.


What I miss about Live:


1. Much quicker setting up a new project.


2. Simpler audio and MIDI routing.


3. No popup windows when using native devices (third party plugins use popups) saves screen space on smaller displays like laptops.


4. Less need to go to the manual when learning.


5. MAX4Live devices.


6. Session View, although Logic 10.5 introduced Live Loops which has some of the same funtionality.

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