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Gregory Scott adds movement to drums with compression

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Gregory Scott, owner of Kush Audio, designer of both analog hardware and digital software compressors, shows how to dial a compressor to make drums more musical. A fascinating, ear opening experience. Greg first exaggerates the settings while pointing out what we should be listening for, making it easy for anyone to hear how the compressor's attack and release time affect a drum recording, the perception of transients, punch, texture, mellowness, clarity, pop, pumping, growl, darkness, smoothness, color ... and finally how he uses compression to bring the desired emotional quality to the drums.


Not exactly a Logic Pro video per se, since he's only showing a compression plug-in, but a worthy exception to be added here.


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I found out about him a few months ago and I just love his videos. The way he brings a completely different perspective on things compared to what is usually taught on YouTube by the so called "gurus". Most teach the same thing as others did, it's just a different face.


Gregory always brings something new to the table, even if it's "only" how you can approach that same technique or equipment. And of course, his character helps a lot. Good to see that you also approve his content!

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