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DESIGN FLAW: Joining midi regions that has equal delay compensation will move the actual midi data


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My hands are tied here.


So I'm using Vienna Ensemble Pro the way I should: as a multi timbral instrument. This is to save resources since Kontakt takes up a lot. But Logic contains so much problems in this regard that I will open a separate thread about this.


Anyhow: Having two midi regions with equal delay compensation joined together should not move the midi data, it should instead transfer the same value to the field in the inspector. Now, when I have two separate delay compensated regions on a track, joining them together moves the notes screwing with the quantize settings. Currently, the only way is to first remove the delay, then join, then re-add the delay again.


We're forced to use the region delay because of a bug where delay on aux channels are randomly ignored. So – we can't use multi timbral instruments the way they should because of a bug. And the only workaround creates so much work that it's almost not worth it.


System: Macbook Pro 16", 64GB RAM, macOS Catalina 10.15.7.

Software Version: Logic Pro 10.6.2

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You are correct. When working with strings you have to use negative delay to compensate for the slow attack. Each time I copy/paste/merge regions the region delay setting is reseted but the delay ”printed” into the midi notes which is not what I want.
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