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Scripter to randomise articulationID?

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I'm a beginner at scripting but I'm trying to make a menu in Javascript for the Logic Scripter plugin to randomise articulationID for fun. I thought it could be a fun compositional tool if I make a Sampler instrument with different vowel articulation like the choir patches or even words and set it to random for inspiration.


I want to firstly select the percentage of random I want and then have another slider which moves in real time showing the random values generated and a third slider selecting a maximum number range for the random articulation values i.e if I only want to allow articulation values between 1 and 4 or say 1 and 254 (which I think is the maximum number of articulations allowed in Logic)? Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where I could learn more about scripting in Logic? I have watched a couple of videos by Peter Schwartz, looked at the tutorial scripts and looked in the Logic Pro and MainStage effects manuals but I would like to know if there are any more training resources out there.


I thought I could get close by changing all the event channels to 1 in the articulation set and then selecting all events in channel 1 in the MIDI transform tool to randomise their event channel and then change the articulations back to chronological order in the articulation set but that didn't work either it just seems to randomise whether the note plays or not even though I have MIDI channel set to all in the inspector. Any ideas?

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