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Preparing to Score a Film

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Im pretty new in Film scoring and i try to prepare everything to do it in Logic. One important thing is Beat (or tempo) mapping.

I need the film to behave that when there is a cut or something where i want to stop/start or change the music is exactly on the beat.

Ive seen a lot of techniques doing it. So logic has also a great function doing it.

You can set you markers where there are cuts in the film and then drag a point (an exact beat) in the tempo lane to that marker so it changes the tempo before that in that way that the marker is exactly on the beat.

But if i do that for the whole scene i end up with a few seconds in 112,252bpm and and the next few seconds in 108,2354bpm and so on.

So its no straight values.

So my question:

Does that matter? Do i need straight bpms? How do you do it as a pro?


Thx :)

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Short answer - it doesn't matter.


Long answer - you should definitely talk to the director if they really want emphasis on all their cuts. Maybe they went to great lengths to hide and disguise them with L-cuts and stuff and don't appreciate all your efforts in digging them up and rubbing them in the audience's faces. Maybe they want you to focus on the content of the pictures and not so much their structure. Go find out.


Also, you don't necessarily need to match hit points with bar lines. You can hit a point with any note, you just need to give it compositional weight. Also, you're free to throw in odd bars to match a point, as long as you can make it make sense. Makes sense ?

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