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Wanted to introduce myself


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Hi all,

My name's David, and I just wanted to introduce myself. I just purchased David Nahmani's Logic Pro X 10.5 book and am going to go through it chapter by chapter. I'm very nervous and excited and now I'm going to probably overshare, really, in hopes to make some connections to like-minded people as I step forward into making music. I always believe heart speaks to heart.


I'm 35 years old, and well, my mom died 2 months ago today, after a 4 year battle with early onset Alzheimer's. I'm still grieving and I am exhausted. This poem - "A Blessing For One Who Is Exhausted" by John O'Donohue - depicts the current state of my spirit. (It's easy to find on the web but here's a link to the poem that keeps it line breaks intact on a mobile device - https://m.dailygood.org/story/734/a-blessing-for-one-who-is-exhausted-john-o-donohue/ ).


I realized with my Mom's passing, that life is too unpredictable. And so with whatever time I have left, I'd like to do more things I enjoy doing. I've always enjoyed composing music since I was a teen, but I was raised in a pretty strict household with a bully for a Dad, and so I played a religious role to survive. But I kept playing that role, even after I left home, without asking if that's what I want to do. I also got diagnosed with ADHD several years ago, and so I'm learning how to better manage that - so I'm sorry in advance if I forget to reply to a post!


I guess on a whole, I am deeply afraid to try things I enjoy, so this is me stepping out, and any encouragement on this musical journey is much appreciative. I plan to use logic to create some electro-house, but also have some friends with amazing voices - so looking to also use Logic for recording and producing music with them.


I think I might document my journey somewhere, if anything for my sake, so I can remember tips and tricks that are really helpful to me.


Anyways, "Thanks for Listening Children!" (Fallout fans will hear this with Three Dogs voice)

- David

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My sympathies for your mom my mother-in-law just was diagnosed with dementia about a week ago and that really frustrating for her since she worked with a a lot of numbers for her job definitely hits me and my wife I as well

I hope that you learn a lot there's a lot of Great Awesome People here and a lot much more experience than I am


and David welcome You here :D

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Aw Craig, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law :cry: . Dementia is the worst. I can relate to what you said - my mom worked with numbers a lot and that was one of the first places we saw her struggle. It was a really frustrating experience for her too - and for us to witness as well. I sent you a DM as well.


I'm looking forward to learning from the experience of everyone here! Thanks for the welcome!

- David

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Welcome here David. Very sorry to hear about the challenges in your life.


Well I did create this place so that Logic users need not be afraid anymore. I do remember when I first started and so many things were foreign to me, made little sense, and I couldn't find the answers in the manual. Then you'd ask a sound engineer in a studio but they were too busy to answer, and you'd ask online but people would make fun of you or answer in a way that you would still not understand. I grew tired of that and started creating my own Logic forum back in 1999, which ended up becoming Logic Pro Help a few years later.


So fear not, ask away, experiment, there's not much you can break on a computer, especially a Mac, you can always rebuild things. The more you experiment, do, fail, try again, the more you grow, the more confidence you'll build.


None of us know everything, so there's no shame in asking.


Hope you feel comfortable and safe here.


Sorry I am not sure what is a DM ?


It's a Direct Message. Also known as PM for Private Message. You can see your inbox by clicking the little envelope button at the top right of the forum pages:



My new Logic Pro Book is out!

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Hi djruess!

LogicPro 10.7.4, MainStage 3.6,
MBPro 17", Core2Duo, 8G, OSX 10.12.6, MacPro, Xeon 6Cores, 64GB, OSX 10.16.1,
ULN8, MOTU MIDI TP-AV, C4, MCU Pro, KorgNano, Novation SLMkII, Several vintage gear
AAS, NI, Celemony, Spectrasonics, Korg, Arturia, etc..., PC, iPadPro 5th gen 12.9”(Duet D., V-Control & LogicRemote), AtariST(Notator SL),

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