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Experimental: Projects that play themselves: 3 feedback ideas based on a Pd patch by Simon Hutchinson


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I've been playing with harsh noise drones based on careful feedback routings in Logic. It is so neat to set these up and let them do their thing. There is no oscillator per se in this setup, just two synths feeding back into one another, ring modulators, filter banks and a bunch of square wave modulated LFOs. Based on this Pd idea by Simon Hutchinson, who was in turn inspired by Jaap Vink:


I'm attaching a project with 3 alternatives.


The first one takes advantage of ES1's EXT sidechain mapping to feed back between two instances of ES1. I'm also doing a bunch of the feedback internally within the effects units (but see below). There's some randomization.


The second one replaces the old-skool Ringshifters with Step FX Ring Modulators, which have an interestingly different character.


The third one sets up "actual" bus feedback. Careful!


Thanks to Simon H for the idea and the clear presentation.


Simon H 3 sine ringmod Jaap Vink idea_.logicx.zip

MBP 13" 2017, Monterey, Logic 10.7.3
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