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I’m a long time Finale user, and I still kind of… HATE IT! Every couple of years MakeMusic come out with the ‘new improved’ version and I would bite the bullet and upgrade. I finally stopped @ V25 (it’s at 27 now). :cry: For ‘most’ of my notation needs it’s much easier and faster to use Logic, plus naturally, the MIDI playback with CCs and the recent articulation ID features is on spot.

Consequently for scores with only a few parts and for lead-sheet stuff it’s my Go-To. Still there are some areas of frustration:

1) Chord Symbols- Please allow some adjustment between the upper and lower suffix placement. I use the trick of inserting a space for a little more horizontal room, but many times the upper suffix location is too high, and the lower location too low.

2) Fonts- I use the Jazz font and it looks good enough, but I wish I could resize the note heads globally. I know about using the size tool after the notes are all entered, but selecting a different note head size with different fonts would go a long way to keep it from looking like the ‘Big-Note Easy-Reader’ part. Can’t they just make all smluf fonts the standard by now?

3) Stave Spacing- I can create 3-4 versions of a staff-style with different vertical spacing above and below the staff and get better between stave spacing when one stave has lots of info and the next is sparse, but a simple automatic “Avoid Collisions” minimum distance between elements could eliminate the need for chopping into multiple regions and selecting my custom “lead-sheet staff-style super-extra tall” for one line.


Okay, rant over. Maybe I ask too much and should bite the other bullet and pay AVID a monthly subscription for Sibelius. :roll:

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i believe there are answers to all three of those that will meet your needs.... I am going to put the onus on to put up an example of each one of those issues after which I will post the solutions to handle them ( for all three - Chord & Suffix symbol adjustment/alignment, how to resize note heads globally, There is no minimum distance setting, but there is a visual trick that will work equally well. I will respond on Saturday at the latest.
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