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Key Command to toggle region color between "Individual" and "As Track Color"


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Logic has the ability for regions to display their own individual color, or to display the color of the track they are on. The preference for this is here:




Like most people, I color tracks to indicate which type of instrument they are (bass, drums, strings, etc.).


But I also color regions individually as a part of song organization. For me it is to indicate which part of a song the regions are in (verse, chorus, etc.). I've seen other people use region-specific colors for other purposes.


What is missing is the ability to quickly toggle region color between "Individual" and "As Track Color". You can dig into the preferences, but it's a lot of clicks (unless you automate with something like Keyboard Maestro).


It would be great to be able to toggle this setting with a Key Command.

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Or perhaps have two colors (i.e. one for inner borders and another one for the body).

Have you posted your suggestion onto the official Logic Feedback website?

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