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Play selected region? "Play tool"?


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Hello everyone,


I started using Logic a while ago, and I was used to Cubase.

In Cubase, there's a handy "Play tool" which you can use to preview a certain region starting from the point you clicked on.


In Logic, I can't find a similar tool.

The nearest I could find was marquee tool - and playing the selection with 'space' button- but it plays ALL tracks, not just that one.


Sure, I can SOLO the track I want with pressing "S", but let's say I have 10 different takes I sang a phrase, and want to decide which to keep.

I would then need to: 1. select region with marquee, 2. select track, 3. solo the region, 4. play - and repeat for each track.


Since it it was extremely easier in Cubase (litteraly just clicking on the regions to play them!), I suppose there must be some option in Logic I don't know about or something similar?


Thanks a lot!! :)

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On 11/28/2021 at 6:28 AM, David Nahmani said:

You can Click-hold the region with the Solo tool.

Or, my favorite way: Control-S to turn on Solo mode, then click the region to select it, and Command-Spacebar to play from selection.

That is so cool, Thanks! On my Mac Command-Spacebar brings up Spotlight, but Option-Spacebar plays the selection.

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