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Help needed to play live setup...


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Hi, I have been wanting to play live for a while. I have played live before, but with someone else. Playing as a duo has been okay, theres more 'moneys worth' onstage for the audience.

Now, I would like to go live and make use of the audio gear I have (see below).


My idea would be to play acoustic + vocals, but to use some backing or MIDI just to give a snare/shaker and whatever the main part/feel of the song is; say string or keyboard hook.



• Should I use, Logic, Live or Mainstage?

• If using a backing/MIDI track - how is it best done, an EXS instrument or bounced to audio and played as full backing track??

• Footswitch to trigger to next song...??


All these questions, Im sure there are others but I need some direction to get me rolling...


Many thanks.


MacBook Pro 15'' 2.4Ghz 4gb RAM. 160HD 7200rpm Mac OS X (10.4.10) MOTU Traveler, Logic 8, Live 6, Glyph 250, Remote 25 SL, Fishman Loudbox 100amp,

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generally speaking, if you have a midi controller, use mainstage, if you dont, use live. i love logic, but i dont think i trust it in a live situation. i dont know if they ever resolved the issue with instruments going in and out of 'live' mode, but i dont think they did or intend to, hence mainstage.


if you use mainstage, bounce your sample and load it in to the exs24, and tell your controller to trigger it. mainstage makes this realllly easy. but it wont route midi data to instruments.


another thing i really love about mainstage is how it sets up your live set and switches between songs. a master list on the left that has your concert name, then all your songs under it, that you can trigger via anything. why not a footswitch?

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