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live guitar, pre-amp, and Logic Pro [SOLVED]

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Hi LogicPro Help: All of my 15 previous projects have been software instruments built around mic-recorded vocals. Now I’m resurrecting my guitars which have been on ice for a good while and I have a couple questions.


I’m using a TUBE-mp with built-in USB. I would like to also explain that in the last year I have tried to use a Focusrite interface and also an Audient id14-mk2. I returned the Focusrite for the Audient but both only confused me. I was unable to “interface” my interface with my Logic Pro. I’m not a techy; I’m an artist. I’m quite happy to create in my limited tech ability because I can react to what I am technically able to do with my own creativity. But it is true that surely you have noticed that my use of Logic Pro seems perennially on the beginner level, and I have been using it for 10 years, the first five years to produce concert accompaniments at school as a choral music teacher and the last five years creating my own recording projects. Well, I have ditched the digital interfaces and gone back to the TUBE-mp with USB connection. I hated how the Focusrite and the Audient hijacked all of the sound on my entire computer system; and I was simply unable to understand how to interface the interface software with the Logic Pro software. It was a nightmare.


So, now I have two basic questions:


1.) Why am I getting a feedback loop if my acoustic guitar with built-in jack from a DeMarzio sound hole pick up is the only thing connected to the TUBE-mp? My mics are all disconnected. I was able to get around this simply by turning off the monitors and listening through the headphones and I successfully played and listened to different guitar sounds through the different Logic Pro guitar sounds. But with the guitar connected even now as I type while a track on Logic Pro is open, I can hear my typing through the headphones. Why? And although I was able listen tonight on the headphones without feedback, if there is any sound looping through isn’t it cause for potential problems on louder different settings down the road? How do I eliminate that looping?


2.) How do you deal with the delay. There is a slight delay between my live sound and the sound in the headphones coming through Logic Pro. What if I want to record live guitar through the TUBE-mp to pre-existing tracks on a Logic Pro project? Do I have to manually adjust the track over a smidgen after recording it to fix the delay????


Thanks, James

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I have to apologize for the rambling. I know it's better to cut to the quick with clear questions. Well, I since discovered my TUBE-mp was not connected to my computer because I had to do something out of the ordinary regarding my iPhone and Apple support a couple days ago and forgot I had unplugged the TUBE-mp USB, so now I'm getting a clean sound, the feedback loop was because my built-in mic was on and I didn't know it. I ALSO figured out the delay problem: I was increasing my buffer size in Logic to try to reduce the delay. I just figured out that's it seems to be the opposite. The lower the buffer size the less delay I'm getting, like none audible, from the guitar to the sound output.
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