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Relative volume subtrack automation problem


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Over the years my mix down workflow has been to open Automation and (in Play mode) manipulate the curves while listening to set the volume. I'm talking Track-based Automation - I never use Region-based Automation. So, I play the track and manually move the curve and listen to the volume change until it's where I want it.


At some point I noticed and began using a volume automation subtrack available in the Automation Parameter pop-up menu called Relative as a means of automating a volume gain or reduction across an entire track without messing with regular Volume automation settings. Very useful.


However I began noticing that if I go into a track that has both Volume and a Relative Volume subtrack there is a problem. For instance, if I play the track and move the regular Volume automation curve, I hear no change in volume until I hit Stop and Play again. So I can't manipulate the regular Volume and hear the results in real time!


I did a bunch of troubleshooting and discovered that tracks that do NOT have a Relative Volume subtrack work just fine. Play the track, move the automation curve, hear the change in real time as you move the curve.


I also discovered that if I select a track that has both regular Volume and a Relative Volume subtrack and MUTE the Relative Volume subtrack, manipulating the regular Volume automation curve works fine - UNMUTE the subtrack and the problem returns.


So, is this a bug?

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