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Bouncing is including muted tracks, regions and other oddities


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It seems like I might not be understanding bouncing exactly, but I'm seeing unexpected behaviors when I bounce audio compared to when I export a video with audio.


I'm working on scoring a video and when I use File -> Export -> Audio to Movie, the exported video file has audio that exactly matches my project and works the way I expect.


However, when I try to export out just the audio and use File -> Bounce -> Project or Session, I get a bunch of things happening that don't match:

1. The bounce includes playing audio tracks that are muted

2. It plays regions that are muted

3. It plays different expression and modulation on regions than in my project. (In this case, it seems to have issues on any regions where those values are not set and instead just sets them to 100. Whereas when I play it in my project live, it seems to inherit a different value).


How can I export out an audio file that matches my project/session? The same way that it comes out when I export audio to movie (but obviously just the audio)?


Thanks in advance!

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I'm having this same problem, and this is the only forum posting I can find on the topic anywhere. I'm not noticing anything wrong with the MIDI data or anything, just that the audio from the movie is still present even when muted, and even when I delete the entire track.

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