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MIDI Transform Map, Length?


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The manual says this: "The map display in the MIDI Transform window contains 128 vertical bars that reflect the full MIDI value range (from 0 to 127), and provide a visual overview of the transformation. Each bar represents a particular MIDI value that can be mapped to a different value. The type of event, and operations, are determined in the Selection Conditions and Operations areas. The map is visible only when chosen in one of the Operations pop-up menus. Appropriate selection conditions must also be set, or the map does not appear. The map is universal, which means that it remaps one MIDI value to another. The map does not know what type of MIDI data is sent to it. It only affects the value of the data. This means that one map can be used to simultaneously alter the pitch, velocity, and length values of incoming note events, for example."


My question is, how do the bars in the Universal Map relate to Length? The manual goes on to discuss how each bar relates to a MIDI note, so bar 60 = MIDI note C3, etc. How do I apply this to the Length parameter?

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