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What is your preferred workflow when recording longer musical jams or elements to "pull selects"?

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Sometimes when I'm working on an idea, I like to just leave Logic recording while I jam and experiment (guitar, synths, whatever). This way I can always go back to something to isolate, sample, loop, etc. However sometimes I end up with these 20 minute recordings with random stops/starts and so on.


Usually from there I just go in manually and chop it up, delete or mute anything that's not so good, and color label any chopped up regions I really like with bright colors. Then I'll go and kinda swap in these regions into the main play area of the song to see how they work in context, leaving the remaining regions off to the side down the timeline so I won't hear them.


I mean it's a functional workflow and all, but it gets a bit messy with all these random regions down the timeline. And the color coding works but I usually like to make all regions inherit track color so it's easier to group them by categories (drums, bass, etc).


I'm aware of cycle/loop recording to create tracks with takes, but a lot of times I prefer to record at length so I'm not limited to a specific cycle or tempo or whatever.


Anyway I was really just curious if anyone else does these long recordings from which to chop up into multiple "selects" and if so – how do you approach it and keep it organized?

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What you describe is pretty close to my workflow when being creative with live instruments and looking for ideas.


You have basically two ways to identify a region: name, and color. So it's either one or the other. I prefer color because it's visually quick to identify them. You could always use different shades of the same color to distinguish good from bad takes/ideas. So that if for example your drums are blue, then light blue is good and dark blue is bad.

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