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MCU: Press a V-POT in user assignment mode instead of turning it.

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I’m using a Behringer X-TOUCH which is an MCU clone. In a user assignment mode, say, SHIFT+TRACK, I would like to program the learned assignment so that pushing a V-POT instead of turning it would toggle an ON/OFF value. For example, I would do Shift+TR then Press the V-POT number one to toggle the metronome pre-count ON or OFF. Is this something possible to do?

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Hi des99. Wanted to let you know, I spoke too fast. That works but not as expected (or as it should ?).


Here’s what happen:

  • I enter the user mode by doing SHIFT+TRACK on the X-Touch.
    I select the Count-In icon on the Logic control bar.
    I enter the learn mode in Logic (CMD+L)
    I push one of the V-Pot on the X-Touch, here it's the channel 8 V-Pot
    In the controller assignments window (Expert view) it is now the following Zone->Mode->Control->Parameter path that is edited:

Transport / V-Pot Overlay-> Normal -> Ch. 8 V-Select -> Toggle Count-in (First screenshot) and nothing is registered in the User 1 assignment.

So on the X-Touch, the moment I press the Channel 8 V-Pot, the Logic Count-In is toggled, no matter which mode (normal or user mode) I’m in.


If I do exactly the same procedure but turning the V-Pot instead of pushing it to send the message to Logic, I get the expected assignment and everything works normally (Second screenshot).


No big deal. I'll use the "turning V-Pot" procedure to register my User assignments but I'm curious to know if that would be possible by pushing the V-Pot.



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You have to be careful when learning stuff, as sometimes Logic doesn't put that assignment where you want it, or pressing other buttons puts Logic in other modes, or the assignment gets learned wrong, etc.


By default, there are no assignments in the User modes. If you look at the one taken over by smart controls, you can see it has learned assignments for both the vpots, and the vpot selects. So use those as a template/guide, and make sure your learned v-select assignment is placed in the correct user mode.


You can see in your first screenshot the assignment is in completely the wrong place, in the vpot overlay. That's never going to work, as it will take precedence over all the other assignments! In your second screenshot, you've assigned the vpot, not the v-select contol.


You'll also have to play with the values and received message strings to make sure the button presses are generating the correct values you need for the destination parameter. It often requires a bit of fiddling, depending on what you are trying to do etc.

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For the Count In, I cut the Ch. 8 V-Select from the Transport/Overlay zone and paste it in the VPots->User 1 and so far that seems to do the job nicely! Did the same for the Varispeed on V-Pot 7 and it works great too. That seems to be consistent. Will keep a backup of the com.apple.logic.pro.cs and continue that way. Very cool!
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