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Logic Pro 10.7.2 & QNAP TS-251D "Incompatible File System"


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David - Thank you for the link. Much appreciated. So I expect I need to reformat the drive to MacOS Extended or APFS. As a new user, I never saw that I had a choice for formatting. I need to do some research on how to accomplish this change. I did try the OS Disk utility, but it does not see the NAS in that application, even though I see it in Finder and can manually create folders and save files to that NAS.


Thank you again for the assistance. Once I figure out how to reformat the drive correctly, I will post for anyone having the same issue.

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You will not be able to get this working on a NAS, as Logic is neither able nor willing to negotiate with another OS (the NAS unit is actually a mini computer with a drive) to get access to storage which is a very basic yet timing critical task. Even attempts to run Projects off of Apple's own XSAN servers weren't successful.
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I am looking for NAS guidance as well. Synology will not format the drive as needed but I will free up my iMac hard drive by using a 1TB external SSD that is now free since I can move my photos to the NAS. Mine is a j series budget NAS and I imagine it would never meet the read/write speeds needed for a Logic session.


Have you any updates to this post over the past few weeks?



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