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Still Can't Figure Out Smart Tempo


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Hi, everyone. I'm running Logic Pro 10.7.2 on Mac M1 Mini, Big Sur 11.6. Hope someone can help me figure out Smart Tempo.


In File>Project Settings>Smart Tempo settings, I have both "Adapt Project Tempo" as well as "On + Align Bars and Beats" (for the "Set New Recordings To" section) set. I tried recording a midi piano performance with lots of extreme tempo changes (for the sake of testing out the extent of the accuracy of Smart Tempo) and, afterwards, chose "Apply Region Tempo to Project Tempo". However, the problem I run into after having recorded with these settings is that the metronome (which I only turn on after having recorded) doesn't seem to fall on or align to the corresponding beat positions of the tempo changes in my recording. In the Smart Tempo Editor window, I also tried tried fiddling with "Move Marker" and "Set DownBeat", but still, the same result.


I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, even after having followed different approaches presented by YouTube tutorials. I feel lost. I do hope someone can help.


Thank you in advance!

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Do not do extreme tempo changes. Try to record something realistic, with clear rhythmic patterns, strong accented downbeats, and slight tempo changes in the form of subtle tempo increases or decreases here or there. Nothing too crazy. Start with that, and see if you can make that work first.


Hi, David. Thank you for your response. I guess I was pushing it with my extreme tempo changes. This is probably why I've not seen any tutorials/samples of actual midi performances that employ extreme tempo changes. I shall go with your advice. Thank you, David.

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