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Separate Hard Drives

L Hall
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Long ago I started using separate drives for Logic. Drive A - boot drive. Drive B - Sample Libraries. Drive C - Logic Sessions and Audio material (in separate folders). It seemed to be the prevailing wisdom at the time. I do quite large orchestral templates.


However, I'm getting a new computer in a week or so and I'd like to get thoughts on whether that's still advantageous, or even if it's actually detrimental given the newer tech.


New system will be a Mac Pro with a 1TB SSD main drive and a 2TB SSD second drive. Would I be better off to keep both the sample libraries and Logic sessions on the same second drive - and save my Logic sessions organized as a folder with audio material included rather than in separate folders?


Or - maybe keep all my sample libraries on the main drive?

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SSD technology seems to be considerably faster than rotating technologies, which comes as no surprise because any piece of data can be stored or retrieved in equal time with no mechanical delays. If both drives that you speak of are built into the machine then it probably makes no difference at all how you organize your data. The computer will be able to retrieve data from both places with equal – very high – speed.


Whether or not you bundle audio data into your projects is also a matter of personal preference, I think.


And Time Machine on an external drive, always!

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