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Remove Reverb From Headphones While Recording


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Hello All,


Hopefully this is the right space for this question.


I'm using a Steinburg UR-22C audio interface and a 770 MXL mic, with tascams for headphones to monitor as I record.


Currently I'm getting profound reverb during recording however the reverb is absent on the track during playback.


Any thoughts on how to remove this?


Thank you in advance!

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Quick troubleshooting guide:

- have you tried turning it off an on again ?

- does it happen in all projects or just one ?


if it happens in all projects:

- does it happen when you log into your computer as another user ?

- does your interface have DSP capabilities including reverb ?


Also, show a screenshot of your entire mixer window including the recording channel.


Oh, and, are you sure we're specifically talking about reverb ? And not echo, perhaps ?

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Hey there!


Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.


I believe I've eliminated software as the issue.


The reverb persists if I' just have my headphones connected to my interface (while powered) and the interface is not connected to the computer.


I'm fairly certain it's reverb since it doesn't sound like echo to me. It like singing into steal drum barrel.

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