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SMPTE questions

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This may be a two part question. If so I apologize.


When I import a movie with the timecode burned in everything starts at 00:00:00:00 (not really but thats question two)


Its 23.975 FPS and I have that setting correct.

But the number don't sync perfectly.


I've ignored this forever because its frustrating and there seems to be no solution so I just follow the video burn in TC and forget about Logic's SMPTE numbers running int he display.


But when I look further I see that if Logic says I'm at 00:00:32:00

the tC on the video is 00:00:31:23


If I go to 00:00:10:00

the Video will be 00:00:09:23


this is consistent.


I'm hoping this makes someone here go "AHA!" and solve my long running SMPTE woes with Logic.


The second question is

When I open a new project (not a template) the TC always starts at 01:00:03:600 for no reason I can find.


Any help on these would be great.

David, If you want me to split this into two posts I will.



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I’m pretty sure I remember a thread involving Ski where it was determined that Logic doesn’t support that frame rate (or some variant of it),hence the discrepancy in time code values…


Just searched for Ski's posts involving SMPTE. Theres a few of them so I'll pour through them tonight.


Thank you for pointing them out.



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Maybe this one:

Re: Logic 9.1.0 recognizing 23.976fps as 24fps

The "MTC doesn't support 23.976" frame rate was the thing that was ringing my memory bells...



That's disheartening but at least it answers my question.

And I'll just keep doing what I'm doing now which is to ignore my SMPTE and follow the burned TC


Which is always the best option anyway


Thanks for the help digging through the forum.



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