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Cycle, Stuttering issue LP10.7.2


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I have had an issue since 10.7 came out. I've gotten the 10.7.2 now, Logic seems to stop responding to start, stop and just gets stuck as if you had a 2 beat cycle on, it doesn't show that in the ruler... I haven't change default template or anything that I know of. It does it on older songs and while trying to record. Seems to be random. I have to close logic and restart it

to stop the cycling. Does anyone have a tip where I should start looking for the solution?

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I saw that on idea on other post last night. I will certainly try it. It puzzles me that Logic has been the only item updated, then the issue started. I also plan to exam cable connections between input devices ... down to checking whether the mac keyboard itself has failes. Thanks for you input, all of you please keep tossing ideas out, I'll be back at it tonight and this weekend. I will report what I find
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