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Checking tracking levels....


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The way my room is set up, when I'm facing my microphone my back is to my monitor, so it makes it challenge to see the level readings while I'm getting ready to record a track. The optimal thing for me would be to play the part or part of the part while recording then check (and adjust if necessary) the input level before recording keepers. Can I do that? Once I record a track, where can I check what the input level is? On the Logic channel strip? On one of the level meters inserted into the track? Thanks in advance.
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Or if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can run Logic Remote on it within sight and see your approximate levels that way...


Once you've figured out the rough level you sing at, and the mic gain position that gives you a healthy level, and you leave plenty of headroom (which you should be doing anyway) you can just set that up every time and more or less forget about levels for the most part...

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