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Big Sky guitar pedal integration


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Hey Guys! =)


I decided to buy myself a strymon big sky, as i just have an undying love for reverb and had heard some of the sounds that it had to offer.

I've read many different ways of connecting this thing up, and I'd like to be guided setting it up correctly, as not only do there seem to be so many different tutorials and ways shown how, but the only way that i have actually managed to succeed with anything so far is just by plugging my guitar into the pedal, and it into my instrument/mic input on my interface..

Sounds lovely with my guitar played through it...

But I'd like to have it set up as it's own channel within logic and be able to send whatever i want to it (audio/software instrument channels), For editing compatability.

And of course for it to show in my final bounce later (not sure if would have to print it first, though I've obviously not gotten quite to that stage to see yet!).


I will attach photos of the rear of my interface and the strymon, in hopes that you guys can tell me the right way if doing this.


Also of course will need talking through how to configure the inputs/outputs of the channels/create bus/aux track? I/o insert?

I'm confused haha, as like i said, followed instructions, no cigar.


Hope you guys can help me and much appreciated if you try!

I'm looking forward to using this thing to it's full potential! =D




Strymon has

Left in

Left out

Right in

Right out


Ur 44 interface has on the back

Main out L/R (monitors)

Line output 1, 2, 3, 4

Line input 5, 6

Also, 4 mic/line inputs on the front


Wanting to run in stereo


Thanks again!




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I don't have that same setup but have done something similar. I'll describe what did, my memory may be faulty so some of the steps may be incorrect, YMMV:


1. Hook up the hardware.

- UR44 Line Out 1 -> Strymon L in, UR44 Line Out 2-> Strymon R in

- Strymon L out -> UR44 Line Input 5, Strymon R out -> UR44 Line Input 6


2. In Logic:

- On any existing Audio track, in the Mixer view, click on an empty Send slot, select an unused Bus. This will create a new Aux track.

- In the Mixer, select that new Aux track, option click to get the popup menu, select Create Track

- Rename that track (it'll probably be something like "Aux 7") to 'send'

- add an Utility: I/O fx on it

- in that I/O fx, set your output to UR44 1/2 (the labels might be different, depends on the USB dirver, I can't help you there)

- set the Input to UR44 5/6 (same thing)

- start with Output Volume set to 0db, Dry/Wet 50% (you can adjust these later to taste)

At this point, use some other Software Instrument track e.e.g piano and on that track send to the same bus that you originally did. Plink some keys and watch the meters to see if signal is getting to that Aux track. You should hear via whatever device your regular Stereo Out is set to.


Next: setup separate return track so you can record just the returned audio

- In your send track, change the Output from Stereo Out to some other unused bus

- I think you create just a new audio track now, then set it's input to the same bus that you have as the output in the previous step

- Call this track 'rcv'

- This is the audio track that you will record to print just the FX return (if you're running the strymon 100% wet for example)

- Optionally, wrap the send and rcv tracks in a summing folder to tidy up the mixer


After you get it working, you can go into Mix: I/O Labels and change the bus names to be more intuitive.


Then to use it, from any track just add a send to the appropriate bus. You can send pre- or post-fader as suits your taste.


Make sure you save this as a template.


HTH, my memory may be fuzzy on some of the steps so the above is only a guideline. I do remember that it was a royal pain in the ass to setup, took me several tries over several days. Good Luck!


The pictures below:

mixer showing folder stack


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