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On board keyboard in logic is grayed out

Dj Soundwave

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Specifically the "music typing". The step input keyboard works just fine. I know what you're thinking, "use a software instrument". I totally am using a software instrument and its still grayed out. I can get audio if I goto piano roll and do it by hand, but my god I'm a beginner and just want to finish something without going down the rabbit hole just ONCE lol. Im on logic pro 10.7.2. If anyone has any ideas id be grateful.


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There's not much detail here to investigate. Presumably you've got a software instrument track selected, and have some instrument plugin loaded - which one? Also, what MIDI channel is your track and instrument set to respond to, and which MIDI channel is the music typing keyboard transmitting on.


Does the behaviour you see happen when you start a new project from scratch?


Can you post a screenshot of what you see?

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