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Logic as performer and recorder


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Hi everyone,


My friend and I have been jamming out recently using logic as a performance device. We use live loops, the arp for our external synths, fx processors for guitars etc..


My question is, is there a simple way within logic to record these jams? Could I possibly route the audio to another program to record? Is all of this processor strain going to blow up my computer?! Should I just buy a cheap external recorder? Any recommendations?



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To record the combined output of all the tracks as a wave file. I guess I could record three hours of us jamming as one long logic file then bounce the entire thing as a wave. Seems excessive though. Can you work fluidly in live loops while it’s recording? Adjust notes in piano roll etc?
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I'd really try and bunch of options and find out what works for you. If you want an external-to-Logic recorder, you could use hardware, or something like Audio Hijack to record the output to the audio interface to a long audio file.


But yes, try jamming with Live loops etc while in record mode, as you retain the ability to edit after the fact etc. I'm not sure I'd want to be editing MIDI while recording a performance, but again, try a bunch of options and work out what works best for your workflow and material, would be my suggestion.

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