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Multimeter not retaining infinite hold when set to do so? (Track Stack Related??)


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Hey there -- I am on 10.7.2.


A feature I like to use is the infinite hold of the peaks, with "compare" enabled. I do this because it's useful when playing around with mods to my amplifier -- I can compare the spectrogram for a sample that I run through the amp either with or without the mod in place. This feature has worked exactly as expected for me previously, but today, I am finding that it's not holding the peak. Every few seconds it loses it and starts integrating again. I tried restarting Logic, and that didn't fix it.


I attached a screenshot of the settings I am using. There's no data the grid because I took the screenshot without playing the track, but there would be data - just not continuously integrating with permanent hold.


Any idea why this may not be working as it previously did?


One more detail -- The track I was doing this was in a Summing Stack with another track that was not playing. If I flatten the stack, then the summing behavior works as expected. So it *seems* like this may be track stack related? But I am not sure I trust myself... does this make sense?


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One more note - I have to see it seems a little glitchy - it isn't as simple as "happens in stacks, but not when the tracks are flattened" - today I had it not work --> work --> not work --> work, and was having a hard time identifying specific repro steps to cause the problem.
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