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Mapping MIDI automation parameters (modulation, expression) to a knob or fader on MIDI controller


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Please, I know how to map most things to a knob or fader on my MIDI controller. I can do that to track's fader volume, plugins parameters, sends, etc.


But I couldn't figure out how to map MIDI automation options to a knob or fader on my MIDI controller. I would like to specifically address MIDI expression and modulation (figure A) to two knobs on my Maschine MK2 Controller.


I'm trying to do this by using the "Learn mode" on Controller Assignment window. When I click on Learn Mode I go to MIDI automation window, select Modulation, create a dot and move it up and down. Then I go to the knob on MIDI controller and move it. It appears to understand some kind of assignment because it shows Learned and the label Modulation on it, as it shows on figure B attached.


But when I move the know the modulation values don't change at all.


Is there any way to do what I'm trying to?


Thanks a lot.



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On a MIDI Controller, a knob or slider outputs a MIDI CC. So there's nothing to learn. There should be a way to setup your controller so that a given knob or slider sends the desired MIDI CC number?


To customize the knobs on Maschine, see the manual for the Controller Editor: https://www.native-instruments.com/fileadmin/drivers/all_users/Controller_Editor_Manual_English.pdf

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I think I understand now, David!


It seems that the way MIDI automation works different from the other automation that are done on the track (arrange window).


MIDI automation have to be done on record mode and always the CC channel is going to refer to one of the MIDI parameters already defined on each MIDI Control dropdown menu, as the image below.


Is that a correct understanding?


Thanks a lot once again!


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Yes, and in fact it's not supposed to be called MIDI Automation really (Logic's interface can be confusing here). It's just recording MIDI Continuous Controller, that the instrument can be set up to respond to in various ways. So if your instrument responds to Expression (MIDI CC#11) then program your knob to send MIDI CC#11, and in Logic record it just as you would record notes you play on the keyboard.
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Hi, David. Sorry for the late response!

To configure my Maschine MKII knobs to expression, modulation or any other MIDI CC all I did was oppening the Native Instruments Controller Editor app on my mac and then routing the MIDI CC numbers to the knobs I wanted to using the assign window. Here's a picture:


PS: you have to be using Maschine MKII on MIDI mode (shift+MIDI on the hardware controller) for this to work.


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