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Logic 7 no longer recognizes XSkey


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I need to get some midi sessions into Logic Pro X. The sessions were done in Logic 5. The computer I was using up until two years ago was a Mac G5 running Logic 7. I need to open the old Logic 5 sessions on that computer running Logic 7 and save/convert them....then bring them over to my new rig. I kept that computer and the iLok keys and the emagic XSkey for this purpose......but the G5 with Logic 7 no longer recognizes the XSkey. Tried plugging the XSkey into every usb port. Very frustrating. Any ideas......or does anybody have a working Logic 7 computer. I could pay someone to open those sessions and save them in 7 and send them to me. It's just the midi info that I'm interested in.
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