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My synth pad sounds like the synth pad in the video?

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I listened to this performance by Beyoncé at Glastonbury (you can hear it very clearly 0.50 and forward):



... and during the performance, there is this kind of sweeping glistening pad that I really like and I wonder if anybody knows any kind of synth pad in Logic Pro X that sounds like this? I have tried to look through so many kinds of pads but I can't really find the perfect pad:/

So I would really appreciate some help!

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Its probably a specific synth that has that patch as a preset. Probably not the answer you're looking for.


The closest I've found (if I'm listening to the right synth you're talking about)

is Alchemy


Soundeffects/Sci-Fi/Electro/Nice/Fall Down FX


What I usually do is figure out what sounds are closest to my desired outcome and manipulate the (endless) parameters from there.


In my opinion trying to emulate synth sounds exactly can be laborious.

There are so many possible options to get sounds it's a bottomless pit.


Another thought is to get a high tuned bell sound or some metallic sound and throw the delay designer on it.


You could argue that you could get the same sound sampling metal and glass dropping slowly, throw on a stereo delay and use the delay designer to affect that sound.


If you're new to making your own synth sounds there are some good free tutorials out there.

A good place to start is to take apart presets in whatever Logic synth you want and start putting name to the sounds.

(I.E. a sine wave with a slow attack gives you that flute like synth sound) etc...


I hope this is of some help.



Logic Pro X 10.7.2 - Big Sur 11.5.2 - M1 iMac 16 GB Ram SSD - Scarlett 4i4

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In general, you can learn a lot about Logic, and sound design, by adding any of the Library patches to your project, then looking at what just happened in the Mixer panel.


There, you can see exactly how the patch was made: some of them are quite intricate. You can selectively turn-off and turn-on various filters, fiddling with parameters, etc., and listen to how it affects the sound. And of course, this does not affect the definition within the Library – you can't damage or lose anything.

Mike Robinson - "I wanna quit being a computer consultant and become a composer and arranger at age fifty-nevermind."
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