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Sidechain Input Is Gone!?


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I just updated my Logic Pro to the latest version (10.7.2) and now the Sidechain Input has disappeared on certain plugins.


I can still select a sidechain input in the stock Logic compressor but not in third party plugins like Fabfilter Pro C2.

Every other button that is supposed to be there like Compare, Copy, Paste, Undo and Redo is still there. Only the Sidechain Input has disappeared.


A lot of my projects are messed up now because the input is gone on a bunch of plugins and therefore the plugins aren't doing anything anymore.

I already checked and made sure that Advanced Tools are all on.


Does anyone know why the Sidechain Input is available for some stock plugins but not for other plugins and how I can get the input back in all my plugins?


Thanks in advance for any responses.

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