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Changed behavior? Clicking+dragging to change playhead position in piano roll [SOLVED]

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I just got the new M1 Max and now I'm using the new Logic for the first time, and I believe behavior in Logic changed. I wanted to check if I'm crazy.


If I'm in piano roll, and the playhead position is off to the right somewhere, I used to be able to click and drag in the piano roll timeline to quickly move the playhead. Now when I do that, if there's an active MIDI region in the area, it actually moves the entire region. Is this new behavior?? How can I disable this??

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As far as I know it's not new behavior. I was able to test it in 10.5.1 just now and it behaves the same.


Basically if you start dragging in an area other than where the playhead is then you're moving the region. If you drag the playhead, then you're moving the playhead:


Moving Playhead.gif


Wow, you are correct. I think in the flurry of weird logic behavior I was experiencing last night with Monterey, I assumed this was another strange thing. Nevermind!

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