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Changing the behaviour of ‘lights’ on screen controls - relating to LoopBack record


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I’m wondering if I can change the behaviour of the way a screen control lights up? Basically I want to swap on and off so it lights when currently it goes out and vice versa?

This is related to a specific use case as follows:

I am mapping a control to Loopback’s Record button. This is unusual (to me) in that it is not simply On/Off. Just clicking on the record button on the plugin creates three states (if starting with an empty/cleared plugin):

1) Record

2) Set loop but continue recording

3) Turn off record but keep playing

So mapping a control to the record button - this Ives the Record button through these three states. However, I would like to have a control mapped so that it switches between the following two states (when starting from an empty/cleared plugin):

1) Record

2) Set loop, turn off record, keep playing

Is that even possible?

If so, what combination of mapped parameters will give this result?

The closest I have got is mapping a single control to both the Record and Play (not Play/Stop) parameters with Play set to Inverted rather than Standard. This gives the above two states but unfortunately the indicator light on the control is On when the plugin is stopped and vice versa.

The reason I am sweating this is because my MIDI footpedal has lights which either flash for momentary or are On/off but I can’t seem to make them match the 3 state behaviour of the Record button in Loopback (which is On/On/Off), so I would like the light on the footpedal to match the light in MainStage.

Hope that all makes sense. Any thoughts?


Logic Pro 10.7.4, MainStage 3.6.1, Mac OS X 12.5

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