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Logic scrambles my plugins/settings between channels!


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Hi guys,


This is the most infuriating bug and I can't find a fix. It's happened to me a few times in the past, right in the middle of a very big project, and the only solution is to go back to a previous project alternative, often losing hours of work.

What happens is that I'll suddenly notice the mix isn't sounding right, or notice a plugin somewhere it shouldn't be. Then when I go and look at the mixer, it's like logic has gone mad, moving plugins from one channel and putting them onto another, changing all of the bus routings, swapping fader positions. it's just chaos. It's like the channel name and the regions stay together, and everything else shifts to a different track.


It's easiest to just show you. Below are two screenshots of my mixer, one before and one after. I hadn't changed anything about the channels, I was just busy tracking vocals.

Notice that my GT Main summing folder no longer sends to anything at all... like it's gone from a summing stack to a folder stack.

Obviously this mixer shot only shows the stacks as there's too many tracks to show in a screenshot.








I think it only affects Aux tracks though, so all my Summings Track Stacks and all my Send Effect Auxes. Although my only instrument track, SIREN, which had a third party synth plugin on it, has lost the instrument entirely... so maybe instrument tracks also?


Has anyone ever experienced this or has any idea what might be triggering it? The only thing I can think of is that at one point I set up a new reverb send and just picked a bus that appeared empty without double checking that it wasn't used anywhere (it didn't have any name next to it in the list), But even if I had chosen a bus that was already in use, surely that couldn't shift all the settings of every Aux channel along one??


Many thanks

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This happened to me a few times and it was a disaster. Do not know why or how but this issue with occasional missing metronome and interestingly bad performance on my topped Apple M1 Max, I moved away from Logic Pro for new projects for the time being. Waiting to see what the next update brings.
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