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File Directory For Alchemy and Retro Synth Wavetables


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Hi guys !

I've started to use Logic about a couple of days ago and I found Retro Synth and Alchemy had a wavetable option. But I can't find the file directory where I can find them and add some of my own. Can you guys please help me through this ?

Thanks in advance !



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I also want to see where the factory Wavetables for Alchemy and Retro Synth are


For Alchemy, Control-click the Logic Pro app and choose Show Package Content then navigate to:




For RetroSynth, I'm not sure where to find them?

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Me being the person who created that post David shared (I was using an old account), let me clarify something that I misunderstood at the time: alchemy doesn't really have wavetables. You can import different waveforms, but those are not wavetables, since a wavetable is a group of waveforms that when you scroll through them, all give you the same pitch, just a different tone. When you use the technique I shared for Alchemy, you are just creating a single waveform that can be used when using the menu. Hope that's clear :)

Retro synth, on the other hand, has a dedicated wavetable section and after a few tries, I managed to figure out how to create good wavetables for it:


Open an audio editor and create waveforms that are 1024 samples long (I think 512 is also acceptable, but from what I remember, 1024 was like a "standard"). After that waveform, add some silence. Then add another waveform with 1024 samples, another silence, etc. I believe Retro Synth has a limit of 101 waveforms (so a wavetable with 101 waveforms, back to what I was explaining about Alchemy).


For Alchemy, instead of using that method with Audacity, you can use a program that makes everything so much easier and faster. Here it is:

Alchemy Sample Loader (free).zip


All instructions inside, plus the aliases for the folders where you should put those new waveform files.

Hope it helps :)

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