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How much free HD space is reccomendable


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I have a 6 month old M1 MBP with 1 TB.

How much space do I have to keep free to keep LPX running smoothly. The Sample Libraries are filling up the SSD space more and more.

What is your advice/experience?


Now I have 383 GB Free. I have an urge to install some Big Sample Libraries and when I do a calculation I will have around 120 GB free.

I am a bit worried that I will slow my system down. I also have external drives (non ssd unfortunately) and I prefer to have as much as possible on my internal SSD.



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It's generally recommended to keep 20% of free space as the space used by MacOS is constantly changing depending on your use, how much virtual memory it needs to page in and out of the drive etc. I have used systems with less than 20% that were performing alright and I have seen systems slow down. My general recommendation for music production is, to be on the safe side, to make sure you have more than enough available space, so at the very least 25%.
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Before I purchased my T5s and T7 I did some research as Im a late comer to SSDs. The general consensus was that they really do slow down if they get too full. I concur with the minimum of 25%.


Just a headsup about installing libraries since you mention your calculations about free disk space.. In the case of Native Instruments I saw that many people have run into problems installing libraries with error messages and failed installs because of not enough room on their (internal) drives. Even when they knew they had enough space to accommodate the libraries on either their internal or external drives, they'd still get these errors because 1/ they didn't take into account when installing, the OS needs at least double that because of unpacking and temp files needing to be done to the internal drive and 2/ an issue where Time Machine snapshots still use the internal drive which reportedly don't show in the about this mac disk usage. Cant remember all the details about that but its a potential issue if you do TM.


For those in the same predicament as myself with only a 500GB internal drive and installing K13 UCE totalling around 1TB of libraries - the work around is to install the libraries one by one. Some of them are pretty big - over 25GBs. I never had any problems about space doing single installs, but then my internal had over 400GB free.

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