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Could one place the logic sample library on an SD disk


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Due to Apples idea of the cost of providing adequate storage in their laptops: Could one place the logic sample library on an SD [EDIT:] Card on one?

I know the read times are a little slower, but are there any reasons this may be a bad idea?

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I did that. And, along the way, I found a few "gotchas."


First, the relocate option will be grayed out unless you are an administrator. You can hover the mouse over the grayed-out menu item and it will eventually tell you why it's grayed out – although I for one never remember that. Ordinarily you would expect Logic to "prompt you for an administrator password" but that's not how it works now. (I've reported it as a "bug.")


(On my system, only one user is an administrator, and it is used for no other purpose. You should do the same.)


I decided to "load everything" and it took 58 gigabytes.


I have one external drive for Time Machine and another one for things like this. And other drives sitting in my desk drawer for making duplicates.

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