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I tried out an iMac 24 bottom-of-the-line

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I went to the Apple store and tried out the lowest-priced iMac. I loaded up the Eilish demo and then started fooling around, creating a dozen or so audio tracks and about 150 software tracks. Obviously no third-party plug-ins. But it handled everything with speed, absolutely crushing my MBP 2015 with 16Gb. I would have bought it then and there except for the paltry 256Gb storage.
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since it's a desktop mac, easy enough to add an external drive for additional storage (i use my externals to archive old projects, so there's always lots of room for 'new' on the internal)...


but let's just say it: it sucks that apple still offers 256G drives; pointless. 512G should be, at least, the minimum (ok, i'm saying that)...

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