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Midi Controls for Plugins in the input channel strip

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I am trying to setup my Amp Simulator AmpliTube to act pretty much like an external pedalboard, meaning that I can record the processed audio signal directly. The reason is that when composing/generating ideas, I use live loops and experiment with different ideas, creating new tracks etc. This can lead to a lot of tracks, and I don't want individual effects on these, but rather reuse the same one until I have a general song idea figured out.


I have configured AmpliTube as an AU plugin on the Input Channel Strip (Input 1) in my case. This works fine so far. I can duplicate the track and the audio input including effects is stable.

However, I would also like to use my external MIDI over Bluetooth controller (iRig Blueboard) to control the stomp boxes setup in Amplitube. I can create the Link when I am using the plugin on any other audio track, but in the Input Channel Strip this doesn't work. The plugin has a MIDI Learn function to assign controls - this doesn't receive anything. And if I try to map it manually using the "controller assignments" window the plugin controls are not picked up as events.


Does anyone have any experience with MIDI controls in the Input Channel Strip?

Or is there maybe a different config/setup that I could try to achieve the same (Audio interface Input -> Effects -> Audio Track Input)?


Thanks a lot for any ideas!


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