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Blind/Visually Impaired users of Logic Pro?

Music Spirit

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I have two blind students ( harmonica players) who are exploring the idea using Logic Pro - does anyone here have experience of doing this?


Their aim is record themselves playing to backing tracks so it is a very basic set up which would mean me sending them a project with the backing track and a template with some basic EQ & reverb controls.


Can anyone suggest a working method for this - and what extra equipment might be necessary? ( eg some sort of control surface with sliders/pots)


- Or would these be done easier in another simple DAW like Garageband or similar?

Macbook Pro Early 2015 OSX Big Sur 11.6.4 - 3.1Ghz Intel core i7 16Gb ram - Focusrite Clarett 2 Pre - Logic 10.6.3
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