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How to convert from PAL into NTSC color system?


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I have no solution, but I can give you a piece of golden advice if you want to get working in the media industry: You work with whatever piece of video you're given. You don't mess with the aspect ratio, you don't convert it into another TV norm, you take it precisely as it is and adapt your project to it. Why ? Because chances are that in the attempt to bend it to your aesthetic pleasing you (inadvertently) change vital things like frame rate which *directly* affects the length of the piece of audio you create so what you deliver will not line up at their place. If that happens, you've pretty much blown it.


Warped aspect ratio like in your pic is totally common, just like visible timecode, often more than one, which is a) out of sync with the picture and/or b) drifts out of sync with the picture (yes, I had that happen too). Just deal with it.


And by the way, 704 x 474 is not a known TC format, certainly not PAL.

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