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Problem with Save As, deleting regions etc [SOLVED]

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Hi, I have 3 really annoying problems that I would appreciate some help with please. I'm using Pro 10.6.1


1. If I delete all regions in a track/tracks, go into project management, delete unused files and then save the project under a different name, Logic starts to copy all the old files and this can take up to 5 mins if there are a lot of them )they don't show back up on the tracks again by the way).


2. If I close the file, open the package and delete all the unused files, next time I open the project, Logic comes up with the missing files window asking if I want to locate them.


3. If I go into view> customize control bar, and make changes, I can't then save the changes as a template. Next time I open the project, the changes aren’t saved.

Does anyone know how to resolve these issues please?


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1. Deleting regions in the Tracks area does not affect which audio files are considered unused by the project management feature. The project management calls "unused" a file that is not listed in the project audio browser, but when you delete a region the parent audio file is still listed in the project audio browser.


2. Yes indeed, you should never delete audio files from the Finder or Logic won't know about it and start looking for them and prompt you when it cannot find them.


3. This really is completely unrelated to #1 and #2 so let's please start a new different topic for that question.

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