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SUPER BIZZARE STUFF - Marquee & Scissors Tool [SOLVED]

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I just upgraded to Logic 10.7.2 & Mac OS Monterey 12.2.1


When using the Marquee and Scissors tools to cut audio... SUPER BIZZRRE things are occuring in LPX.7.2


When I do my cuts and hit the delete key the cut portion is removed.


But when using the Marquee, I make the cut then hit the delete key and the cut portion is removed..

upon play back 2 - 3 seconds of additional audio on the right is also missing (audio which I did NOT cut).


But when using the Scissors, I make the cut then hit the delete key and the cut portion is removed..

upon play back, the removed audio is played back even though that region is gone/not visible in the Arrange/Main window.


Same thing is now occuring when using Logic Pro 10,6.3. This never happened previously in 10.6.3!


What the hell??? :twisted: :twisted:


Please help!!! :?: :?:

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Have you tried all the usual troubleshooting stuff you wil get inevitably asked to do ? Like,

- close+open the Project, problem persists ?

- quit+relaunch Logic, problem persists ?

- try on a new Project, problem persists ?

- restart computer, problem persists ?

- quit Logic, drag Logic Preferences to the Desktop, problem persists ?

- try in a different user-account in the computer, problem persists ?

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