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Number of loops


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I have installed Logic X 10.7.2 on a new computer and according to the Sound Library Manager I have everything installed except "Legacy and Compatibility".

In the Loop browser I have 13841 loops but according to https://9to5mac.com/2020/09/13/creating-apple-loops-untagged-logi/ and also https://whylogicprorules.com/apple-loops/ it should be around 26000 loops.

What is the correct number of loops you should have?

I have a memory of having more loops on my old computer (especially I don't find some vocal loops I'm pretty sure I had before) but I don't remember if I had "Legacy and Compatibility" installed or not.

I have tried to re-install and re-index all loops.

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Thank you!

So, then it sounds like I actually do have all the expected number of loops.

But as the most sources seems to mention 26000 loops, is it any value of installing the "Legacy and Compatibility"?

It seems to double to loops but maybe some are duplicates or do you actually get 13000 more useable loops?

But I also assumes it's a reason why those are marked as "Legacy and Compatibility" and are not part of default installation.

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