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Live Loops - tempo setting as a 'Loop pedal'


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Hi all

Is it possible, when recording Live Loops, to have the first loop recorded set the tempo? This is how I am used to using a Loop pedal - that is when improvising a loop based performance the first loop recorded is not recorded to a click track and it is unusual to know in advance how many bars/beats long it is either (rehearsed pieces are different of course).

So what I want to achieve is this:

Have no click when recording, not think in advance about how many bars/beats long the loop will be

Click record

Click 'stop record' - loop automatically plays, and loops from the point that recording was stopped

Without any reference to a click, or having to consider whether I am going to play 1, 2 3, 4 bars.


From this point - no issue with the idea of tempo driving the synchronisation of further loop recordings, but ideally it would also be great to have separate loop tracks also independent of tempo/number of bars (as you might achieve with two looper pedals)

I am possibly not able to take this approach at all with Live Loops - in which case an appropriate plug-in choice is required (if only MainStage's Loopback existed in Logic all would be well!)


Thanks in advance :)

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